Historica Hpacks make Pennsylvania research easier.

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Long before the internet transformed historical and genealogical research, a researcher’s work was made easier by Floyd Hoenstine’s “Guide to genealogical and historical research in Pennsylvania.”

Floyd Hoesntine was a noted historian and genealogist in Pennsylvania. He had an impressive personal library in which he permitted research for a fee and from which he rented materials through the mail to researchers nationwide. Hoenstine accomplished his success with book rentals by creating a comprehensive surname index to the works in his library.

Historica is transforming research again. After spending years assembling the works in Hoenstine’s library, we have taken Hoenstine’s index and created Hpacks. Each Hpack is a collection of the works in which each surname can be found. For example, the surname Anberger appears in 10 different works listed in Hoenstine’s Index. We have assembled the pertinent pages from each of the 10 volumes and compiled them into a research pack, complete with a bibliography of the original sources.

Hpacks save hours of research and are a great value. We currently offer Hpacks for over 14,000 Pensylvania surnames. Available surnames can be found in our list and copies can be ordered using the online order page.

The price of Hpacks is based upon the number of sources it contains. Each surname file takes between 2 and 4 weeks to compile.

Why spend hours locating sources and mining for data? Spend your time on what matters—your research. Order your Historica Hpacks today.