Genealogy/Family History/Historical Research

What our clients say:
“I am over the moon with this information” –VW
“Just want to thank you and your staff for finding this stuff for me…this is awesome!” –VR
“Looks great. A lot of detailed work, thanks.” –RK
“I am very impressed with the analysis and documentation. This goes beyond what I expected…” –RA

Over the years we have helped the novice and seasoned researcher alike. We have been hired by professionals to break their brick walls. We have worked for many high-profile families seeking to learn their heritage.  

We can help you with:

  • Family History/Lineage (Ancestry) Research
  • Research for hereditary & lineage society membership
  • Brick Wall / Road Block problem solving
  • Document retrieval and singe-record searches
  • Research guidance
  • And much, much more

A family’s history is more than just a tree or list of names and dates. A genealogy should paint a rich portrait of one’s ancestors, showing their achievements, and describing who they were…parents, siblings, children; farmers, teamsters, preachers; soldiers, statesmen. In short, we learn who we are, and perhaps even why we may have the foibles we do, from knowing who our ancestors are.

The researcher finds documents that may or may not pertain to your ancestors; but, the genealogist –the genealogist–analyzes all of the information in records, published histories, and other sources, verifies all of the data gathered, and constructs as vivid a profile as possible.

Our professional genealogy research is led by our Chief Research Officer, TD Maloney, who has over 30 years of genealogical and historical research experience. Our genealogy team strives to deliver the highest quality information to all of our clients.

If you are just starting out or are a seasoned researcher, we can help. We can begin your genealogical journey or we can review, verify, and extend your completed work. We can even smash through the highest of brick walls. Whatever your genealogical need, big or small, we can be of service.

We develop and execute sound research plans based on your goals. Our research team conducts a “reasonably exhaustive” search of available resources to insure the information we provide is as complete and accurate as possible. We know that many online trees and personal genealogy and family history sites, as well as older publications, can contain errors or information that has been disproved by modern research. We are careful of the sources we use and will provide you with the facts.

Your family history should be easy and enjoyable to read. Every client is presented a report of our findings in a format that satisfies the standards of many professional genealogical organizations. In many cases, we include a narrative report that is easy to follow. Narratives include a table of contents, footnotes, and bibliography and larger works contain an index. All of our work contains copies of the documents and records we used to compile the data.

We offer competitive hourly rates that are based upon the difficulty of each project. For large projects we can work on a flat-fee basis. To schedule research, or see how we can help, please send your project details to or use our online contact page.