The major challenges faced by researchers have always been access and time. A great deal of effort has always been devoted to locating record and document sets that may hold relevant data. Once materials have been tracked down, even more time is spent on searching through bound volumes or microforms as well as folders, drawers, stacks, and boxes of loose records. Often times there are no indexes to the materials and, when indexes exist they are of little help.

There are several sites and services available on the web. The services that are available contain only a fraction of the vast number of records and resources available in the United States. What records have been digitized by these sites are can be browsed individually or searched through using a cumbersome interface that returns thousands of extraneous results.

Historica builds upon the work of DigitalCambria by providing concise indexes to numerous record sets. This allows researchers to choose specific records and geographic areas to search. We offer high-quality digital and paper copies of each record. Searching and browsing the indexes is free so there is no need for expensive subscriptions.

All indexes are accessible from our list page. When you find a record that you need, simply note the record ID# and then place your order using the online order form. We are able to complete most orders in less than 24 hours. Pricing and delivery options can be found on the order page.